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Al Jazeera America
Mar 5, 2014 2:30pm EST
before. we're taking on a student loan system that gave tax dollars to the big banks, and we said let's get it to students directly to be able to afford to go to college. that's why we're offering millions of young people the chance to cap their monthly student loan payments at 10% of their income. you need to check that out. go to the website of the department of education and find out how you may be eligible for that. today more young people are earning college degrees than ever before. of course, and i know your president won't disagree with this, but we need to do more to rein in the soaring cost of college and help those who are trapped by student loan debt. the bottom line, no young person should be priced out of a higher education. shouldn't happen. now, there is a fourth part of this agenda. by the way, i just noticed if you've got chairs, feel free to sit down. i know the folks here don't have chairs, but i don't want you--if you're standing up, make sure that you bend your knees so you don't faint. i just want to check on you. now point number four, the fourth component of thi
Al Jazeera America
Feb 26, 2014 2:30pm EST
directly to the artificial limb allowing the hand to perform multiple taxes simultaneously and intuffitivelntuitively. >> they are starting to implement that. eventually it will will make out to a human being. >> until then, katie walker's training hard for the 100-meter sprint. she hopes to compete in the 2016 paralympics until brazil. jason is searching for the next do. >> i try to inspire people every day because i think people give up way too easy. i do what i do. i am not super superman. i am jusjason. >> we love watching this and seeing how technology can actually, like, help people feel more human. when you think about it, it's like cold and technical, like inhuman sort of machine. but it was helping people to do things that made them feel like participate. >> thanks, phil. that was such a cool story. crystal, you've got something interesting coming up for us. >> my story will make all of you a little bit jealous. i got to study how technology is being applied to wine making. valley. >> we will check that out after this. >> every sunday night, al jazeera america brings y
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)